Saturday, March 5, 2016

Teruto Ishihara vs Julian Erosa : UFC 196

Teruto Ishihara vs Julian Erosa : UFC 196

Promotion : Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date : March 5, 2016
Venue : MGM Grand Garden Arena
City : Las Vegas, Nevada

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  2. This guy is legendary. 2 straight KO wins now, getting all his bitches, and he's young, just getting better. He's got all the skills to make money and get bitches. He don't want or care about titles. He just wants the biggest fights on the biggest stages so that he can impress the ladies and get the bitches. I love this guy. He and Doo Ho Choi in the featherweight are skyrocketing up the rankings. They'll both be top 10, possibly top 5 within another year.